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Avalara Tax Service            (Learn more)
Doing sales tax right is simple with Avalara AvaTax&tm;! As a cloud-based solution, AvaTax eliminates ongoing maintenance and support. It gives you precise tax calculations in an instant based on location, taxability rules and customer exemption status. You’ll have instant access to detail reporting needed for remitting, and we’ll even do the filing for you!
PowerReviews                     (Sign up)
Give your customers more reasons to buy. Online Shoppers Prefer PowerReviews 2-to-1*. This powerful review engine used by more than 300 leading merchants across 2,300 websites – including industry leaders such as REI, Staples, and RadioShack – is the most deployed customer reviews solution on the web today. Now put this proven solution to work for your online business.
ProcessingPoint allows you to transact credit cards online without the additional expense of a payment gateway. This allows you to keep your existing bank relationship and still work with a high-quality, low-cost processor.

ProcessingPoint offers a comprehensive suite of credit/debit card payment solutions in cooperation with several major European, American and Asian banks. ProcessingPoint's credit/debit card services accept more than 150 currencies, offer very competitive rates and can be deployed worldwide.
MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It's like your own personal publishing platform.
Innovative System's Full Circle®
Full Circle® Integrated Apparel Software handles every aspect of your company's operations, including supply chain management, production administration and distribution of finished products to your customers. Full Circle® is also fully integrated with Full Circle® Financials, Innovative System's proprietary financial module which includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and financial statements.
Sparc Retail Fidelity
Retail Fidelity. It's the preservation of a brand's truth and passion as it moves from manufacturer to consumer. It happens when a retail sales force knows how to communicate that passion.

Enter Sparc. We create and host online training that keeps a sales force plugged into their manufacturers, allowing for clear transmission of brand and product information.
ERP sucks and after almost 30 years in the business, we knew it was time for change. So we went back to the drawing board to create a system from scratch. We made a list of all the things that people hate about bad ERP and designed a solution that is better in every way. From there, Paragon was born. Currently in the Beta phase, Paragon will launch in Fall 2015. Want to know more? Check us out at