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ProcessingPoint allows you to transact credit cards online without the additional expense of a payment gateway. This allows you to keep your existing bank relationship and still work with a high-quality, low-cost processor. Your portal is already connected to ProcessingPoint, so all you need to do its sign-up with them and get your merchant number. There is a small subscription for this service and a per transaction charge, like all payment gateway providers.

Your portal gives you the option to transact the credit card for payment when the order is submitted. You can also set the processing to authorize the credit card when the eCommerce is submitted and release it to process with the bank when the eCommerce is shipped. This allows you to know that the card is authorized and not actually process the charge until the Orders are shipped.

Be sure to let your ProcessingPoint representative know your account if for your HubSoft portal so that they give you the correct configuration. You can also contact HubSoft to check the configuration for your to be sure your transactions all go smoothly.

For more information, please contact ProcessingPoint at http://www.processingpoint.com/.