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Avalara Tax Service
Sales and use taxes are constantly changing. It is difficult to keep up with every increase and decrease across more than 12,500 North American regions. Avalara offers a convenient and affordable solution - AvaTax® - is fully integrated into your HubSoft portal for all your Pro Orders.

Calculating your sales tax using a single percentage rate for the entire state is not accurate. Avalara geo-locates the 'Ship To' address and calculate the correct sales tax for each of your Styles. This even cleans up the 'Ship To' address to avoid returned shipments for all your Pro Orders.

You should contact Avalara at http://www.avalara.com/ to sign up. Avalara offers several affordable plans and you should mention HubSoft to get the proper configuration. You must login to the Avalara portal and accept their license agreement to get the following license key.