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Sales Tax
Sales tax calculations are complicated which is why several HubSoft companies subscribe to our integrated third party tax services for compliance. This is a great help to collect the correct sales tax amount as well as simplifying your tax reporting to the various states and counties.

Now you can include your Dealer Orders along with Direct Orders as you have in the past. Including the Dealer Orders allows you to report all your sales through the tax service, even though you do not charge some dealers sales tax. Just enter their tax certificate number on the dealer record and HubSoft will properly manage your tax calculations.

The Direct Order tax calculation rules are still determined on the different programs and your policies on those programs. So you can decide to not collect tax, use the internal tax table, collect only for those states you have nexus, or choose an integrated service.

On the Dealer Orders, you have the same controls to allow you to use the internal tax table in HubSoft or external services. When you submit a Dealer Order, HubSoft will calculate the proper sales tax for each store on the order. This will use the warehouse that the order will fulfill from and the 'Ship To' address for each store. The totals will be displayed on each store against that store's pricing incentives and location. If the tax service is not able to validate an address, you will see an error message on the order screen and the work-flow will not allow you to continue until the address is corrected and the sales tax can be calculated.

When you use a tax service, each of the stores on your order will be represented as a separate tax document. This tax document will be numbered by the order number with a '-' and the store id. This will allow you to look at your tax transactions and see all the stores on the order and still be able to determine the tax document for each store. Then when the order is indicated as 'shipped', the tax documents will all automatically be committed by HubSoft. For WorldShip users, this process will be automatic so that the tax documents will be committed as they are on the Direct Orders.

You will also see that the shipping and sales tax for each store is also available on the Order PDF that you can download or include in the automated emails from HubSoft. These values are also added to the QuickBooks interface so they can be downloaded and loaded into QuickBooks.

Just go to the configuration for your tax service and select how you would like to have the Dealer Orders transacted. The Direct Orders for VIP, Employee Purchase and eCommerce will be managed on each of their individual programs where you set your other ordering policies. Just be sure that you have store id's for all your dealer stores so you do not miss any tax transactions.

With this enhancement, now it is easy to calculate taxes on all your order types to give you more options on how you manage your business. You can also get a complete reporting of your sales with your tax service to now be able to report direct through them to save you time and money.

If you have any questions about this enhancement, please contact your Customer Support Representative and they will be happy to walk you through it.