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Web Service API's
Your HubSoft portal provides a number of Web Service API's already integrated to your HubSoft Open Source web site. You can use these API's to connect to manage the content on your web site or add additional connections for a full eCommerce site for your Consumer Direct or Pro-Purchase online sales. These are secure web service calls that can be restricted by IP address. We have several other web services not listed here, please contact us to learn more about additional connectivity.

Web Site Content Management
You can manage your web site from your HubSoft portal as part of your manage products for your Dealer Ordering and Sales Rep Portal configuration. These service calls will require a unique web service access key be provided from your portal.

Web Site Service MethodsWeb Service WSDL
SeasonsRetrieve a list of your active Seasons. Use this on your web site to display current Season product and allow 'Pre-Season Previews'.
SeasonDisplay details to a specific Season. This allows you to control the season and products displayed on your web site by changing the configuration in your HubSoft portal
ProductsReturn all the products in a Season. This includes the product details, descriptions, prices and images.
ProductThis service returns the product detail, product description and multiple images for the selected product. This is used for product detail pages on your web site.
Product ColorsRetrieve the other available colors for a selected product. This allow you to show multiple color swatches or product images on the collection and product detail screens of your web site.
Related ProductsThis service allows you to retrieve the related products that are also in the active season. This allows you to use the 'Related Products' administration in your portal to manage cross sell, up sell and alternative products.
DealersThis provides a list of your dealers based on the export controls you have configured in your portal and set on the individual dealer record. This allows you to get all the stores for your dealers to show in your online dealer locator. Your open source web site further allows you to perform a geo-tagging on your dealer stores to do a proximity search on your dealer locator.
Online DealersThis provides a list of the dealers you have indicates as 'online dealers' in your portal. This includes a dealer description and the link to their web site.
News CategoriesRetrieve a list of content-managed news groups. You manage these groups from your portal and can control the display orders and what is displayed internally versus on your web site.
News DetailThis provides the detail on your news story, including the short and long descriptions. Use the online editor in your portal to add highlights and embed video links into your news story.
Event CategoriesRetrieve a list of content-managed events. This can be used to group events on your web site to support an online calendar.
Event DetailThis provides the detail of a particular event. This is the event date, a short and long description managed in the online editor in your HubSoft portal.
ClassificationsRetrieve a listing of all your product categories. Use this to dynamically build menus and navigation on the product screens on your web site.
ClassificationRetrieve the detail for a particular category or classification for your products. You can use this to provide greater detail for a particular set of products.

eCommerce Site Services
Your can run your eCommerce site from your HubSoft portal. This includes defining multiple direct programs, shipping rules, credit card processing and more.

eCommerce Web Service MethodsWeb Service WSDL
Program DetailThis request returns all the products, payment methods and shipping methods available in the program. This allows you to configure your web site to allow multiple direct programs to be operating at the same time. This request provides the product details, images, descriptions and meta tags to populate your open source eCommerce web site from HubSoft.
Process Shipping & TaxThis request validates available inventory, scrubs the address and calculates the shipping and sales tax for the order. This is used to perform the first step in the checkout process.
Process PaymentThis service processed the credit card to the processor set up in the portal. This will either authorize or process the credit card based on your preferences set in your HubSoft portal.
Check Purchase LimitsAs products are added to the shopping cart or at checkout, HubSoft allows you to enforce purchasing limits by program or within a particular product classification. This is used to enforce your purchasing limits applied to employee purchase or pro-commerce transactions. This request will return custom messages as well as the shipping promotion results and any adjusted shipping amounts. HubSoft is able to apply purchase limits against a customer across multiple orders to properly enforce your pro-commerce and employee purchase transactions.
Authorize CustomerThis service allows the customer to log back into the site. This allows you to manage all your customers from your central portal. This returns a temporary token used to access additional customer data.
Customer InformationThis web service provides customer shipping information as well as any past orders for the customers review. This service also returns the programs that this customer is allowed to purchase against and their remaining purchase limits.
Authorize by Employee CodeCustomers can authenticate using their unique employee code. This is used to provide a single sign-on integration to partner web sites and employee intranets.
Program by Access CodeThis service allows you to provide a pro or VIP access code and return the products, pricing and limits available to them. This also returns any special messaging and welcome screen messages to display to this type of customer. The codes and are administered in the HubSoft portal and create a customer record for future marketing.
Program by Sales Rep CodeThis allows you to retrieve a direct program by a particular sales reps code. This is ideal for employee purchases and tracking the program effectiveness by sales rep. Customers that use a sales reps code are tracked to the rep and allows the reps to see who is using their employee purchase credentials.
Email AvailableThis service determines is the email address is already associated with a customer. This is used to determine if the user has already created an account and if the email address is available for a new account.
Reset PasswordThis request will reset the password if the email address is recognized. This triggers a configured email message to notify the user.
Update PasswordAllows the user to change their password when authenticated in the web site.

We have several other web services not listed here, please contact us to learn more about additional connectivity.